Building Relationships Post-trade Show

One of the reasons face-to-face marketing, trade show exhibiting, and networking are still dominant in the ag industry is because of the value of relationships. These relationships don’t happen overnight. They take a careful, strategic plan. Once you establish connections, you’ll notice your business and trade show exhibitions become a driving force in your brand.

While building a network may seem tricky, you can take a few approaches to make the task less daunting. Whether you’re a marketer increasing brand awareness or a farmer trying to boost sales, here are some of Farm to Shelf’s favorite ways to build better relationships post-trade show.

1. Create a trade show-specific follow-up campaign.

Before going to the trade show, have some post-show marketing materials ready. This could be a series of e-blasts or as simple as a handful of social media posts. Fieldin sent an initial message within the first few days after attendees visited their booth at the World Ag Expo. They thanked attendees and included a clear CTA to increase website traffic.


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2. Implement a LinkedIn strategy.

Messaging via professional networking platforms is a great way to grow online. Consider asking them to “connect” or “friend” you/ your brand and express how much you enjoyed speaking with them. We’re here for all the social media networking at Farm to Shelf! Don’t be shy and come say hi to us on our LinkedIn page.

3. Publish content that reports on the trade show event.

Provide a recap! Whether it’s a blog, press release, repost, the information you include can provide new perspectives or insight to your new connections. Plus, you’ll establish more personal relationships in the community.

Building relationships in ag will lead to an invaluable improvement in business. By establishing clear business expectations for attendees and keeping up communication, your trade show experience will be a big hit.

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