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Fresno, California

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Founded in 2010, following 17 years of research and development, H2O-Optimizer provides custom data-driven solutions utilizing equipment, UAV, robotic, plant and soil sensor-based technologies to maximize inputs and reduce costs. They believe if you can measure it, you can manage it. With such advanced technologies, H2O-Optimizer needed to find a way to relate and educate their prospective clients, and the Farm To Shelf team was up to the challenge.

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How It Works Videos

Imagery is a key component for H2O-Optimizer’s audience to understand the who, what, why and how the technology worked. Farm To Shelf’s team created isometric-styled animated videos to explain the product, process and results.

Trade Show Booth

With a service that was new to the industry and advanced technology, H2O-Optimizer needed a booth that made people stop and stare. Farm To Shelf created a dynamic booth with standout colors and videos, allowing the sales team to meet intrigued customers who were excited for the company’s new technology and services.